The Portable Cattle Alley and Crowding Tub is designed for easy transport, quick setup, and to make moving your cattle a safe and hassle-free operation. Consisting of the combined 16’ Adjustable Alley and 8’ Crowding Tub that is BudFlow® ready, the Alley & Tub is designed to get your cattle to move through the system in the smoothest way possible.

· Two cradle-shaped 8’ Adjustable Cattle Alley Sections range from 29.5” to 18” in width

· Easy Flow Adjustable Alleys make for smooth transitions from alley to chute

· Easy Flow Cattle Alley sides can be adjusted from one side

· Side panels of the Easy Flow Alley drop down fully to quickly access the animal in case of emergency

· Safety latches on the side panels ensure sides will not drop accidentally

· The tub folds in on itself so that it is compact for transport

· Measures just 64” wide when panels are folded in

· Single piece steel frame has been reinforced with new 2×6 beams

· Choose your model with four different options

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