The Q-Power 106 hydraulic squeeze chute is our quietest hydraulic chute ever. From poly brushed pivots and latches to rubber floors, everything in this chute is designed to be silent. The redesigned 106 Series emerges from the most innovative range of Arrowquip cattle handling products, bringing unparalleled access, unrivaled efficiency and unlimited potential to the rancher operation.

· Head gate opens to a full 30” top to bottom

· Second row of rump fingers enhances handling of small calves

· Head gate, Tail Gate, Squeeze and optional Head Sweep all hydraulic

· Hydraulic controls are mounted to a pivoting swing arm

· Squeeze runs the entire length of the chute including the vet cage, and ranges from 29.5” to 7.75”

· Vet door swings in and out of the chute 180°

· Side access doors can be used independently or together

· Needle door has a removable panel providing access to the neck


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