Electrolyte for horses.


This is not a complete supplement. Vitamins, minerals and salt must be added along with grain to make a complete ration.

Feeding Directions
  • Feed 1 ounce scoop per 1,000 pound horse per day, topdressed on feed or dissolved in water. To dissolve, use one scoop per quart of water. Feed one quart per 1,000 pounds of bodyweight.
Features and Benefits
  • Designed to replace electrolyte levels typically lost in sweat, including sodium, chloride and potassium.
  • Fortified with calcium and magnesium, which can be lost in high levels during endurance-type exercise.
  • Formulated with minerals in the form of citrates to facilitate absorption.
  • Contains moderate dextrose level to enhance electrolyte absorption and help replace blood glucose.
  • Palatable and easy to feed as a topdress or in water.
Guaranteed Analysis
Per 28.35 grams
Sodium (Min.) 4.5%
Chloride (Min.) 10.0%
Potassium (Min.) 3.5%
Calcium (Min.) 0.1%
Magnesium (Min.) 0.5%