To add shine to hair coat, while promoting a healthy skin condition.

Feeding Directions
  • Every 20 lbs of Moonshine added per ton of complete feed will increase the fat content of the feed by 1%.
Features And Benefits
  • A high energy supplement to add bloom and a fresh appearance to all classes of show animals.
  • Adds shine to haircoat and promotes healthy skin condition.
  • Unique flavoring to ensure palatability and feed consumption.
  • 5 lb bucket, cherry flavor
  • 35 lb bucket, cherry flavor
  • 5 lb bucket, caramel flavor
  • 35 lb bucket, caramel flavor
Guaranteed Analysis
Total Fatty Acid (Min.) 96.9%
Unsaponifiable Matter (Max.) 2.0%
Insoluble Impurities (Max.) 1.0%
Free Fatty Acids (Max.) 0.1%
Moisture (Max.) 0.1%
Crude Fat (Min.) 98.0%