FOUR65 is our NEW mineral supplement in a 30lb bag. 

It’s a crushed version of Trophy Rock

 Nothing added, nothing removed. 

It’s 65 minerals for all four seasons. 

With 65 natural macro and micro trace minerals, FOUR65 improves antler growth and over-all herd health. It also attracts and holds deer on your hunting property. It is a fantastic scouting tool when used in combination with trail cameras.


Placement It’s important to choose a secluded area for your FOUR65 sites so deer don’t feel nervous. If deer aren’t comfortable near your sites, they may visit irregularly or only at night. Placing FOUR65 in a staging area or near a bedding area along a well used trail usually works best.

Site Setup FOUR65 will last longer if you spread it on high flat ground . To get a site started, clear a 5ft. area of debris and rocks and mix a bag(s) of FOUR65 in with the top layer of soil. Usually 1 to 2 bags will get it going. On rare occasions it may require more depending on the soil type. Sandy mineral-stripped soils require more product while mineral-rich clay soils types typically require less. We have also learned that pouring FOUR65 into a large pile without mixing it into the soil is another method that works.

Don’t be alarmed after heavy rainstorms if your FOUR65 pile has vanished. All the trace minerals found in FOUR65 are still sitting there in the soil invisible to the human eye but not to the nose and tongue of a deer. Sites will continue to have heavy activity for many weeks after there is no visible presence of FOUR65.

Trail Cameras FOUR65 sites are a perfect place to use your trail cameras. During peak usage, from June to late August, place trail cameras using the manufacturers recommended distance over your FOUR65 sites. It is recommended to point cameras due north or south to avoid direct sunlight which can cause over exposed pictures and will improve your chances of winning our trail cam contest.

FOUR65 Replacement To effectively reach all your deer, you should typically have one site per every 80-100 acres.

Recharge each site 3-4 times a year. Once your site is established, avoid moving it as sites get more effective with age. If you’ve heard that deer don’t use mineral licks during the winter, set up a trail cam at your site next winter and see for yourself. After the rut, bucks will often revisit FOUR65 sites.

 “Many deer herds don’t have access to all the various trace minerals that allow them to express more of their development and fawn production potential. This is why I use Four65 in my management plan. Four65 is a natural and easy way to provide 65 trace minerals to a deer herd!”
-Dr. Grant Woods (Biologist-Growing Deer TV )