Stokes Select Dried Mealworms is a 100 percent natural premium wild bird food that attracts bluebirds and other insect-eating birds. You can feed dried mealworms alone or add to bird food and suet mixes. Rehydrate by soaking them in warm water for 30 minutes.Stokes Select is a brand designed out of love and appreciation for birds. Don and Lillian’s deep concern for the conservation of bird habitats and the well-being of wild birds has inspired them to contribute to bird conservation over the past 30 years. A portion of all Stokes Select proceeds is also donated to bird habitat and conservation. Each purchase of Stokes Select not only buys a great product, but also helps protect the birds.

Stokes Select Dried Mealworms, 100 Percent Natural Premium Wild Bird Food, 7 oz Tub:
Keep bluebirds and other insect eating birds visiting your yard with the Stokes Select Dried Mealworms
Dried worms are high in protein and fat, offering birds necessary nutrition and energy
They need no refrigeration, and can easily be rehydrated by soaking them in warm water, to be even more appealing to birds
Place the mealworms on a platform or mealworm feeder as a stand alone food source, or mix them with suet or bird food for an added treat
The resealable container extends the shelf life of this product, and the worms may be fed year round if desired
Store the mealworms in a cool, dry place for optimal freshness
Offer bluebirds and kinglets a treat in your garden with these Dried Mealworms.