Rack Maker Extreme is designed to be planted in the early fall as a fall/winter food plot. It will also serve extremely well as a hunting plot. Rack Maker Extreme is a blend of winter oats, winter rye and forage soybeans and three brassicas: a hybrid turnip, forage rape and purple top turnips. The frost tolerant ingredients in this mix offer a different peak attraction period, providing deer activity through all hunting seasons.



Prepare soil by disking or rotovating. Incorporate any lime or fertilizer at this time. For grass and weed control, wait two weeks after initial tilling, and spray with a green vegetation herbicide. Wait the time the herbicide label specifies and then proceed to plant. Broadcast the larger seeds. Cover lightly with dirt by using a disk, harrow or similar device. Broadcast the smaller seeds. Pack the whole seed bed using a cultipacker or lawn roller.



Sow whenever farmers in your area are planting winter wheat or similar fall grain. As a rule of thumb, plant 60 – 90 days before normal killing frost in your area since the turnips need at least 60 days of growing season. The lushest, freshest growing food plot will get most of your deer’s attention.