Serious herdsmen need serious capacity and the Tarter FeedMaster 165-Bushel Portable Creep Feeder provides it better than any feeder of its kind on the market. Large in capacity, larger still in functionality, and long-lasting corrosion-resistant life. Heaviest and largest single-axle creep feeder on the market 33″ x 96″ feed door lid easily opens from ground with large handle Redesigned feed control doors for easier feed flow adjustments Heaviest cages on the market with 2 additional bars on bottom sides to prevent animals from reaching under cage sides Improved feed agitation ensures even flow of feed with the simple turn of a crank Cages have 2 positions: Fully vertical for shipping and highway transport (can be filled in this position) Completely down and in position for feeding One of the only powder coated creeps on the market – for superior rust and corrosion protection Heavy-duty wheels and new large 11L x 15SL 8-ply pneumatic implement tires make transport easy, even on rough ground R-pinned corner braces on super-duty cages ensure maximum stability Super-duty tongue with attached pin Adjustable height limiter on creep cage allows for multiple height positions or can be removed entirely Improved roofline provides better protection for feed from the elements Heaviest gauge metal throughout the entire feeder Features a drop pin rear hitch Inside ladder for easier access 4 heavy-duty leveling stands Super-duty adjustable jack is fully removable NOTE: Feeder comes standard with cages. Not available without cages.