Topseed Trophy Clover® is designed to compliment and coexist with other clovers. The aggressive members of the white and Ladino families of clovers found in Topseed Trophy Clover are compatible with most food plot varieties of clovers already on the market.

Don’t allow your alfalfa and clovers to go to seed before September 1st. As soon as you see flower steps, mow the top 1/2 of the plot. Also mow if you have weeds or grass threatening to take over. Mow only the weeds or grass. Fertilize clovers and alfalfas in the fall using a no nitrogen fertilizer.



We recommend broadcast seeding. In most cases, a small canvas bag seeder carried over your shoulder will be adequate.

With small seeds, it is best to set your seeder throat opening as narrow as possible.

When you have finished seeding, cultipack the plot. Use an actual cultipacker or a lawn roller.