• An oral paste supplement formulated for horses of all ages. Sold in cases of 12 only.
Feeding Directions
  • Newborn Foals: Give 3cc of Advance paste per 100 pounds of bodyweight once a day starting at one week of age. Continue using paste, as directed above, until the foal is consuming recommended amount of Mare Replacer Powder™ or Tribute Foal Foundation™.
  • All Horses: Give 3cc of Advance paste per 100 pounds of bodyweight per day during times of stress (evidence of DOD, intestinal stress, illness, transport or antibiotic therapy, etc.)
  • Stress can occur:
  • at weaning
  • after treatment with antibiotics
  • during transport or regrouping of horses
  • with diarrhea – stress-related or foal-heat
  • when recovering from disease or surgery
  • when feed is changed abruptly
Features and Benefits
  • Provides critical nutrients for foals suffering from nutrition-related developmental orthopedic disease (DOD).
  • Supplies nutrients that may be deficient in mare’s milk for faster-growing foals, who have a greater risk for DOD.
  • Higher levels of Vitamins A, E, and C – antioxidants shown to support immunity.
  • Dried Egg Product has been shown to enhance gut health.
  • Provides the direct-fed microbial Encapsulated Enterococcus faecium fermentation product (M74), which:
  • -Can help with early establishment of beneficial gut microbes in foals.
  • -May aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • -Shown to create a protective barrier against pathogenic microorganisms.
  • -Ensures the stability by minimizing losses in feed processing and storage.
  • -Decreases degradation in the stomach and targets the delivery of the direct-fed icrobials to the optimum site of action in the intestinal tract.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria: 1 Billion CFU Enterococcus faecium M74
    Vitamin A (Min.) 4,000 IU/lb.
    Vitamin D (Min.) 400 IU/lb.
    Vitamin E (Min.) 200 IU/lb.
    Ascorbic Acid (Min.) 100 mg/lb.
    Biotin (Min.) 30 mg/lb.
    Choline (Min.) 25 mg/lb.
    Selenium (Min.) 25 mg/lb.
    Niacin (Min.) 17 mg/lb.
    Riboflavin (Min.) 15 mg/lb.
    Pantothenic Acid (Min.) 12 mg/lb.
    Zinc (Min.) 10 mg/lb.
    Thiamine (Min.) 9 mg/lb.
    Copper (Min.) 4 mg/lb.
    Folic Acid (Min.) 1.5 mg/lb.

    (case of 12) 30 cc tube