It is available in two sizes; 12lbs & 20lbs

Trophy Rock is the most effective all-natural mineral supplement available and serious hunters swear to us they’ve never used a better product. With 65 natural macro and micro trace minerals, Trophy Rock improves antler growth and over-all herd health. It also attracts and holds deer on your hunting property. It is a fantastic scouting tool when used in combination with trail cameras.

Placement It’s important to choose a secluded area for your Trophy Rock sites so deer don’t feel nervous. If the deer aren’t comfortable near your sites they may visit irregularly or only at night. Placing Trophy Rock in staging areas or near bedding areas usually works best.

Site Set-up We recommend placing Trophy Rock on a stump or another flat rock keeping it up off the ground. It will last much longer in the field if you avoid mud puddles. We have also found deer to be much more relaxed at mineral sites when Trophy Rock is elevated so they can lick on in less of a defensive posture.

Deer will find your Trophy Rock the first time they walk downwind from your site, so it’s a good idea to place it near a well used trail or at an intersection.

Trail Cameras Trophy Rock is the perfect companion for trail cameras. Choose a high-quality camera with a large memory card so you won’t have to disturb the site often to retrieve your pictures. Position your camera to the north or south of your Trophy Rock, otherwise the sun will ruin many of your pictures. To get the best pictures and improve your chances of winning our trail cam contest center your camera so both the animal and the rock are both in plain view. July and August is a great times to do a trail camera inventory of your herd.

Rock Replacement You should replace Trophy Rock when it is about the size of your fist. Deer will keep coming back even after the rock is gone but they get more benefit when they can lick directly on a Trophy Rock instead of scraping the ground for minerals that have leeched into the surrounding soil.

If you’ve heard that deer don’t use mineral licks during the winter try setting up a trail camera over a Trophy Rock site next winter and see for yourself. Deer require fewer minerals during winter months, but the need doesn’t completely go away.


“I have been outfitting/guiding deer hunts for over 15 years. I have tried nearly every supplement out there. None of them compare to Trophy Rock! It’s hands down the most productive and cost effective supplement on the market. Thank you for providing us with such a great product!” – Wade Heaton (Color Country Outfitters)