Wildlife Habitat is the only mix we offer with grass. The grass component offers some resistance and durability under occasional vehicle travel and was chosen for short term benefit. The mix is made using several clovers, tetraploid rye, orchard grass, timothy, alfalfa, Dwarf Essex Rape, and birdsfoot trefoil. This mix can easily work into any reclamation project offering erosion control while providing a tremendous forage base for a wide range of wildlife, primarily deer.



For trails and work sites in the timber, get pH soil tests. If the test is low (under 6), lime heavily and wait to seed. It takes about 3 months for lime to effectively neutralize the soil. Follow the liming recommendations from your test results. For larger reclamation projects, liquid lime is a good choice.

For planting in trails and forested work sites, you will want to “scratch” the surface the best you can. Deep tillage is not needed. Weed control in these areas may require an application of glyphosate about two weeks after the first light tillage. Fertilize according to your soil test or apply 250 pounds of 15-15-15 per acre. Incorporate the fertilizer into the soil. Generally seeding by broadcasting is best. Use a cultipacker or lawn roller over the seeding to ensure seed to soil contact.