Depend of Wm. E.Fagaly for your water logistics. We provide a wide variety of services for all your outdoor water needs!  Bulk Water Hauling (min 2000 gallons loads). These services include:


• The initial filling of your pool
  – In-Ground
  – Above Ground
  – Commercial Pools
  – Ponds
• Cisterns
• Tank Ballast




image00      Not quite sure how many gallons you will need? To calculate your pools volume, you will need to know the following four numbers:
• Length
• Width
• Average Depth
• Multiplier That Determines Gallons
  • Length X Width X Average Depth X The Multiplier = Gallons Needed
  • The Multiplier for a Rectangle, Square, or Free-Form Pool = 7.5

• The Multiplier for a Round or Oval = 5.9


To find the average depth of your pool, measure the depth of the shallow end and the depth of the deep end.  Add the two depths together and divide by 2.


Contact our customer service team 513-353-2150 to request water for and off your water needs.


Water Delivery Range:

ohio, kentucky, indiana range